We have been asked about sourcing our crosswalk flags and crosswalk flag buckets.  Following are what we use for a crosswalk flag implementation, including where we source each item along with the costs.  Of course there may be other suppliers but at this time this is what we use.

Crosswalk flags

While we would like to source our flags locally we have been unable to find a cost competitive alternative to Safety Flag Co., Central Falls, Rhode Island (https://www.safetyflag.com/products/21-Flags-Solid/9-Vinyl-Flags).

We order Item SF 16-30 orange.  The '16' is the size of the actual flag, i.e. 16 inches x 16 inches and the '30' is the length of the wood dowel, i.e. 30 inches.  This combination leaves 14 inches of exposed dowel which is important re the size of the crosswalk flag buckets (see below).  While the standard options do not include a 16 inch flag Safety Flag has made the flags of this size for us.  I'm not sure of the per unit price for smaller orders but for 500, which is what we have ordered the price is currently $2.65 (US$ of course) per flag, plus $0.30 (US$) for the silk-screened logos.  There are additional costs of

  • shipping,
  • brokerage
  • duty, and
  • HST

The flags now come with a pedestrian logo on the front and back, along with our Society's logo on one side.

The unit cost varies with exchange rates but has generally run between $5.40 and $5.80 (depending on the exchange rate at the time) per crosswalk flag.

Of course this will vary with your volume, location (for shipping) and exchange rate.

Our contact at Safety Flag is Norman Bernson email sales@safetyflag.com.

Safety Flag Co. contact info is:

PO Box 200, Central Falls, Rhode Island, 02863

Phone (401) 722-0900; Fax (401) 722-0912

The flags come with two staples.  We have found this to be insufficient, i.e. the flags will sometimes rip off the dowel.  We therefore add four staples - 5/16 inch staples work best - adding a third staple on one side and three on the other.

To this we then apply, on both sides, reflective tape.  

We use 1 inch (wide) IBM White High Intensity Prismatic Tape sourced from Sojourn Signs (www.sojournsigns.ca) 100 Ilsley Avenue, Unit K, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1L3 - Phone toll free (877) 668-6892.

The tape comes in 150 ft. lengths at a price of $39.95 plus HST per roll.  An 18 inch strip is applied diagonally on both the front and back.  This adds $0.87 to the unit cost of each flag, bringing the total, with the logos and reflective tape, to more or less $6.50 per crosswalk flag.

The Society sells crosswalk flags for $7.00 (no HST) each.

Below are some photos of the crosswalk flag

  • as it arrives
  • with the pedestrian and logo on the front
  • with the pedestrian on the back, and
  • the front with the reflective tape.


Crosswalk flag buckets

The crosswalk buckets are 'home' made, using 4 inch PVC pipe with a cap.

The length of the pipe is 13 inches, leaving one inch clearance from the bottom on the crosswalk flag - recall there was 14 inches of dowel below the flag.  Our first efforts did not provide sufficient clearance resulting in the crosswalk flags being jammed into the crosswalk flag buckets and as a result being torn along the bottom.  Providing sufficient clearance was a lesson learned.

Holes are drilled in the bottom in order to allow rain to pass through and the back in order to attach the crosswalk flag bucket to a post.

Then applied to the crosswalk flag bucket is

  • a decal, and
  • reflective tape - same as reflective tape applied to the crosswalk flags but 2 inch width

With the cost of the PVC pipe, caps, decal reflective tape and labour to make the buckets the total cost is $35.00 each. tape 


Crosswalk Flag Bucket Decal and Reflective Tape

To the crosswalk flag bucket we apply a decal providing basic direction and caution.  Our decals are provided by Vinyl FX, 26 Bancroft Lane, Unit 5, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3B 1G3 - Phone (902) 468-1548.

As seen in the photo above the messages read

  1. take a flag to increase your visibility
  2. be absolutely sure all vehicles have stopped before you cross the road
  3. Place the flag(s) in the bucket on the other side.  If you see the other bucket empty please take a few extra flags
  4. The flags are helpful tools but always be cautious when crossing the road, with or without a flag

We order the decals 50 at a time, with a current unit cost of $3.37 plus HST per decal.

In order to improve visibility to drivers we add reflective tape around the decal.  The same IBM reflective tape as is used on the crosswalk flags is used but rather than one inch, two inch tape is applied.  A role of 50 ft is $64.95 + HST available at Sojourn Signs. It is estimated the cost for the reflective tape applied to each crosswalk flag bucket is a approximately $1.50.

The total decal and reflective tape cost per crosswalk flag buckets is approximately $5.40.

Installation Hardware

There are a number of different post to which the crosswalk flag buckets need to be attached

  • 2 inch solid round metal posts
  • 2 inch square metal posts with holes
  • approximately 10 inch round wood Nova Scotia Power posts
  • approximately 14 inch solid round metal posts generally used with overhead

Various forms of hardware are used to attach the crosswalk flag bucket to the post, including straps, clamps, and strapping with screws.

Crosswalk Flag Kit

In order to facilitate crosswalk flag programs our group has prepared a crosswalk flag kit comprised of

  • two crosswalk flag buckets, and
  • 30 crosswalk flags

which we sell (not-for-profit) for $280.  Our group then installs the crosswalk flag buckets.