Now that you are aware of our crosswalk flag initiative perhaps you would like to consider a similar program in your neighbourhood / community.

     I am more than happy to assist others by advising as to where we sourced our flags, the process for making the buckets, the need and process for raising necessary funding etc.

     For those interested in only one or two locations, and subject to availability of materials - that currently I have- you can purchase a not-for-profit 'Crosswalk Flag Kit' for $200 per location.  The Flag Kit includes two buckets with decals and reflective tape and 30 crosswalk flags, also with reflective tape.  Normally 10 crosswalk flags are out at any time but regrettably they do go missing so the kit includes a number of replacement flags.

     If you have more locations you may need to order flags etc. on your own.  I will work with you as to where to source the crosswalk flags, reflective tape etc.

    In due course this page will be developed to effectively be a Manual as to how to implement a crosswalk flag program in your community but until that is done please call me directly - Norm Collins at 902-435-6363.