Although there are few examples of crosswalk flag programs in Canada, there are many other crosswalk flag programs, particularly in the United States.

Nova Scotia

     In 2011 the Village of  Port Williams implemented a crosswalk flag program (photo in banner) that continues to this day

     In August 2014 the Traffic Authority of Halifax took the decision to allow crosswalk flags in the city.  Through the generosity of business, individuals, associations and a number of Councillors there are now  43 crosswalk flag programs installed in HRM.  Please see the Locations tab for each location.

     In July 2014 the Municipality of Chester approved and funded 50% of the installation of crosswalk flags along with crosswalk pedestrian signs (as below) at each of the crosswalks in Chester, Hubbards and New Ross.  

     The Town of Hantsport has implemented crosswalk flags at four locations, funded by the town.

     The Town of Berwick has also now added crosswalk flags to help its crosswalk issues.  See the coverage at

     With the support of the Town of Windsor Traffic Authority Cocoa Pesto Catering funded two crosswalk flag installations in October 2015.

Also in October 2015 the Village of Aylesford installed crosswalk flags as a result of a citizen seeing the crosswalk flags in Port Williams.  Coverage can be found here


     In October 2013 the town of Morden installed crosswalk flags at one particularly dangerous location.

British Columbia

     In February 2016 the District of West Vancouver implemented a pilot crosswalk flag program. 

Further details here

    The City of Coquitlam has purchased three sets of crosswalk flags from our Society.

Prince Edward Island

     In August 2017 the City of Charlottetown purchased six sets of crosswalk flags from our Society to begin a program around schools.

     Having seen the crosswalk flags in Charlottetown in late 2018 the nearby Town of Stratford originally purchased three sets of crosswalk flags.  Having been pleased with the success of the program the town has now purchased an additional five sets, bringing their total to eight.


     In October 2017 the Crescent Heights Community Association in Calgary purchased a set of crosswalk flags from our Society to improve pedestrian safety in their community.

     And then in March 2019 the Town of Cochrane purchased four sets of crosswalk flags.

United States

     There are a number of crosswalk flag programs throughout the United States, the most significant one being the now (April 2016) 229 locations in Salt Lake City, Utah.

     Each of the following cities have had online mentions of crosswalk flag programs.


1.       Salt Lake City, Utah

2.       Charleston, South Carolina

3.       Madison, Wisconsin

4.       San Francisco Bay area, California

5.       Windsor, Connecticut

6.       Stoughton, Wisconsin

7.       Seattle, Washington

8.       Hailey & Ketchum, Idaho

9.              Kirkland, Washington

10.     Washington, DC

11.     New Brunswick, New Jersey

12.     Powell, Wyoming

13.     Berkeley, California

14.     Honolulu, Hawaii

15.     Lynnwood, Washington

16.     Glens Falls/Hudson Falls, NY

17.     Ashland, Oregon

18.     Elm Grove, Wisconsin

19.     Idaho Falls, Idaho

20.     Twin Falls, Idaho

21.           Portland, Maine

22.          St. Paul, Minnesota

23.          Benecia, California

24.          Chapel, North Carolina

25.          Oxford, Mississippi

26.          Provo, Utah

27.          Belmont, California

28.          Casselbury, Florida

29.          Dane County, Wisconsin

30.          LA County, California

31.          Oakland, California

32.          Minnetonka, Minnesota

33.          Hudson, Wisconsin

34.          Ponce Inlet, Florida

35.          Gaithersburg, Maryland

36.     St. Augustine Beach, Florida

37.     Metuchen, New Jersey

38.     Brainerd, Minnesota

39.     Astoria, Oregon

40.     Bristol, Rhode Island

41.     Woodenville, Washington

42.     Asheville and West Asheville, North Carolina

43.     Waikoloa Village, Hawaii

44.     Cottage Grove, Oregon

45.     Corte Madera, California

46.     Davidson, North Carolina

47.     Arlington, Virginia

48.     Covington, Washington

49.     Lexington, Massachusetts

50.     Port Angeles, Washington

51.     Wallingford, Washington

52.     Pearl City, Hawaii

53.     Eugene, Oregon

54.     South Kingston, Rhode Island

55.     Warm Beach, Washington

56.     Chicago Illinois

57.     Sacramento, California

58.     Mill Creek, Utah

59.     Reddington Shores, Florida

60.     St. Pete's Beach, Florida

61.     New Oxford, Pennsylvania

62.     Clearwater, Florida

63.     Pinellas County, Florida

64.      Wallowa County, Oregon

65.      Sandpoint, Idaho

66.      Richland, Washington

67.      Corrales, New Mexico

68.      Clearwater, Florida

69.      Pittsford, New York

70.      Memphis, Tennessee

71.      McCall, Idaho

72.      Ridgewood, New Jersey

73.      Bridgeport, Connecticut

74.      Athens, Georgia

75.      Glendale, California

76.       Electric City, Washington

77.       Sitka, Alaska

78.       Lewes, Delaware

79.       Port Washington, Wisconsin

80.       Fort Lauderdale, Florida

81.       Bainbridge Island, Washington

82.       Piscataway, New Jersey

83.       Wakefield, Rhode Island

84.       Waimea, Hawaii

85.       Belmont, Massachusetts

86.       Riverton, Wyoming

87.       Farmingham, Utah

88.       Kainaliu, Hawaii

89.       Shoreline, Washington

90.       West Asheville, North Carolina

91.       Bothell, Washington

92.       Oswego, Illinois

93.       Whittier Heights (Seattle), Washington

94.       Leeward Coast (Farrington Highway), Oahu

95.       Cincinnati, Ohio

96.       Chatham, New Jersey

97.       Cache Valley, Logan, Utah

98.       Pagosa Springs, Colorado

99.       Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec   

100.     Antigo, Wisconsin

101.     Hastings, Minnesota  

102.     Rhinelander, Wisconsin

103.     Sparks, Nevada

104.     Cupertino, California

105.     Chicopee, Massachusetts

106.     Oradell, New Jersey

107.     Park Ridge, Illinois

108.     Ontario, Oregon

109.     Augusta, Maine

110.     Haddon Township, New Jersey

111.     Los Gatos, California

112.     San Jose, California

113.     Port St. Lucie, Florida

114.     York, Pennsylvania

115.     New Ulm, Minnesota

116.     SeaTac, Washington

117.     Blackstone, Omaha, Nebraska

118.     Woodinville, Washington

119.     Kingston, New York

120.     Atlanta, Georgia

121.     Paris, Tennessee

122.     Vancouver, British Columbia

123.     Morgantown, West Virginia

124.     Sonoma, California

125.     Fremont, California

126.     Falls Church, Virginia


     The idea of crosswalk flags apparently originated in Japan in the 1990s.  It is reported a number of small cities in Japan use crosswalk flags.  I am aware of at least Iida City, Nagano as one city that has crosswalk flags.