Crosswalk flag locations in HRM

Crosswalk flags are located at the following 76 marked crosswalks in Dartmouth

  • Braemar Drive and Maple Drive
  • Waverley Road and Red Bridge Pond
  • Waverley Road and Micmac Drive
  • Waverley Road and Ellis Court
  • Waverley Road and Michael Lane
  • Waverley Road and Lethbridge Avenue
  • Waverley Road and Breeze Drive
  • Waverley Road and Craigburn Drive
  • Waverley Road and Montague Road
  • Montebello Drive and Appian Way
  • Andover Street (in front of Michael Wallace School)
  • 207 Portland Street (near Five Corners)
  • Mount Edward Road and Brigadoon Avenue
  • Hawthorne Street and Erskine Street
  • Elliott Street and Erskine Street
  • Elliott Street and Prince Albert Road
  • Portland Street and Hawthorne Street
  • Crichton Avenue and Oak Street
  • Ochterloney Street near Prince Albert Road
  • 146 Portland Hills Drive
  • Portland Estates Boulevard and Barry Allen Drive
  • 64 Lucien Drive
  • Belvedere Drive and Breeze Drive
  • Portland Street and St. George's Lane/MacKay Street
  • Collins Grove and Spring Avenue
  • Victoria Road and Vanessa Street
  • Crichton Avenue and Oakdale Crescent
  • Park Avenue and King Street
  • Highfield Park Drive and Joseph Young Street
  • Victoria Road and Cherry Drive / Demetreous Lane
  • Victoria Road and Brightwood Avenue
  • Windmill Road and Grove Street
  • Gaston Road and MacRae Avenue
  • Thistle Street and Slayter Street
  • Wyse Road and Elmwood Avenue
  • Micmac Boulevard and Horizon Court
  • Micmac Boulevard near Woodland Avenue
  • Woodland Avenue and Pine Hill Road
  • Woodland Avenue and Sheridan Street
  • King Street and Ochterloney Street
  • Caledonia Road and Gourok Avenue
  • Portland Street and Jersey Drive
  • Woodland Avenue and Slayter Street
  • 104 Highfield Park Drive (near transit terminal)
  • Woodland Avenue and Laurier Street
  • Crichton Avenue and Lakeside Terrace
  • Boland Road and Cairn Street
  • Pleasant Street and Marvin Street
  • Pleasant Street and Arthur Street
  • Pleasant Street and Old Ferry Road
  • Victoria Road and Frances Street
  • Valleyfield Road and Skeena Court / Langley Avenue
  • Akerley Child Care Centre
  • Hawthorne Street between Findlay Park and Sullivan's Pond
  • Avenue du Portage and St. Clair Avenue
  • Prince Arthur Avenue and Johnstone Avenue
  • Windmill Road and Sunnydale Avenue
  • Windmill Road and Trinity Avenue
  • Prince Arthur Avenue and Hastings Drive
  • Prince Arthur Avenue near Fenwick Street
  • Spring Avenue and Roblea Drive
  • Thistle Street and Cleveland Crescent
  • Caledonia Road and Kennedy Drive
  • Major Street and Second Street
  • Major Street and Lakecrest Drive
  • Prince Albert Road and Harris Road
  • Prince Albert Road and Bartlin Road
  • Crichton Avenue and Glen Manor Drive
  • Princess Margaret Boulevard and MacKay Bridge Ramp
  • Eileen Stubbs Avenue at Frenchman Lake playground
  • Highway 7 / Main Street and Cherry Brook Road
  • 335 Pleasant Street
  • 10A Christopher Avenue (adjacent to Brookhouse Elementary)
  • Glencoe Drive and Tummell Drive (adjacetnt to Ian Forsythe Elementary)
  • Baker Drive and Freshwater Trail
  • Thistle Street at Zatzman Sportsplex

and 64 in Halifax at

  • Oxford Street and Cork Street
  • Mumford Road and Leppert Street
  • Devonshire Avenue and Young Street
  • Chebucto Road and Harvard Street
  • North Street and Dublin Street
  • Dunbrack Street and Clayton Park Drive
  • Dutch Village Road and Central Avenue
  • Dutch Village Road and Rosedale Avenue
  • Windsor Street and Summit Street
  • Chebucto Road and Philip Street
  • 269 Farnham Gate Road (at Mainland Linear Trail crossing)
  • Langbrae Drive at Park West School (at Mainland Linear Trail crossing)
  • 190 Radcliffe Drive (at Mainland Linear Trail crossing)
  • Lacewood Drive, near bus terminal (at Mainland Linear Trail crossing)
  • Willett Street and Chadwick Place
  • Leeds Street and Highland Avenue
  • Tower Road at Atlantic Street
  • Dutch Village Road and Rufus Avenue
  • Main Avenue at Alex Street / Gebhardt Street
  • Main Avenue at Hillcrest Street
  • Willett Street and Westridge Drive
  • Gottingen Street and Falkland Street
  • Titus Street and Evans Avenue
  • Rosedale Avenue and Alex Street
  • Flamingo Drive and Starling Street
  • Kearney Lake Road and Wedgewood Avenue
  • Morris Street and Dresden Row
  • 1400 Oxford Street
  • Langbrae Drive and Red Fern Terrace
  • Sunnybrae Avenue and Alex Street
  • Central Avenue and Alex Street
  • Frederick Avenue and Alex Street
  • South Street across from the IWK
  • South Street and Henry Street
  • South Street and Lemarchant Street
  • 6300 South Street across from Dalplex
  • Oxford Street and Norwood Street
  • Lacewood Drive and Gateway Road
  • 70 Lacewood Drive
  • Tower Road and Gorsebrook Avenue
  • Young Street and Isleville Street
  • Lady Hammond Road and Memorial Drive
  • Gladstone Street, between The Berkeley and Sobeys
  • College Street and Summer Street
  • College Street and Cathedral Lane
  • University Avenue and Summer Street
  • MacDonald Street and Churchill Drive
  • 3792 Novalea Drive
  • Frederick Avenue and Willett Street
  • Novalea Drive and Leeds Street
  • East Perimeter Road, Halifax Shopping Centre
  • St. Margarets Bay Road and Fenerty Road / Fenwood Road
  • Jubilee Road and Beech Street
  • Langbrae Drive and Turnmill Drive / Roxbury Crescent
  • Glenforest Drive and Plateau Crescent
  • Tremont Drive and Wren Street
  • Almon Street and Dublin Street
  • Beaufort Avenue at Oakland Road and Dalhousie Street
  • Almon Street and Isleville Street
  • Windsor Street and Hood Street
  • University Avenue (Civic 5980) across from the IWK
  • Robie Street and Normandy Drive
  • Chebucto and Elm / Connelly
  • Washmill Lake Drive and Grandhaven Estates Boulevard

and these 4 in Lakeside / Timberlea at

  • 1492 St. Margaret's Bay Road (Lakeside Community Centre)
  • 1817 St. Margaret's Bay Road
  • St. Margaret's Bay Road and Timberlea Parkway
  • St. Margaret's Bay Road and Sheppards Run

and 11 in Lower Sackville / Beaverbank

  • Old Sackville Road at Lynn Court
  • Old Sackville Road at Walker Avenue / Downsview Drive
  • Sackville Cross Road and Bruce Drive
  • Metropolitan Avenue and Lydgate Drive / Kingfisher Way
  • 51 Old Beaverbank Road
  • Sackville Drive and Connolly Road
  • Pinehill Drive and Prince Street
  • Stokil Drive and Armcrest Drive
  • Millwood Drive and Larrigan Drive
  • Millwood Drive and Rossing Drive
  • Sackville Drive and Rosemary Drive / Orchard Drive

and 8 in Cole Harbour / Westphal

  • Caldwell Road and Morris Lake Drive
  • Colby Drive and Avondale Road
  • Caldwell Road and Wexford Road
  • Colby Drive and Delta Drive
  • 92 Colby Drive across from Colby Village Elementary
  • Astral Drive and Brookfield Avenue
  • 169 Flying Cloud Drive
  • Ross Road and Greenvale Crescent

and 25 in Bedford

  • Civic 1200 Bedford Highway and Sullivans Hill
  • Rocky Lake Drive and Central Street
  • Rocky Lake Drive and Sunnydale Crescent
  • Dartmouth Road and Wardour Street
  • Rocky Lake Drive and Rockmanor Drive
  • Southgate Drive and Strathaven Close
  • Southgate Drive and Ravines Drive
  • Basinview Drive and Madison Drive / Church Court
  • Oceanview Drive and Royal Masts Way
  • Moirs Mill Road and Acadia Mill Drive
  • Larry Uteck Boulevard and Starboard Drive
  • Bedford Highway and Nelson's Landing
  • Basinview Drive and Roy Crescent
  • Bedford Highway and Spring Street
  • Civic 1488 Bedford Highway at McDonald's
  • Hammonds Plains Road and Bedford Hills Road
  • Starboard Drive and Fleetview Trail
  • Eaglewood Drive and Flinns Hill
  • Basinview Drive and Glen Moir Terrace
  • Meadowbrook Drive and Sunrise Hill
  • Gary Martin Drive and Innovation Drive
  • Southgate Drive and Windstone Close
  • Nine Mile Drive and Armenia Drive
  • Civic 426 Rocky Lake Drive at Rocky Lake Elementary
  • Eaglewood Drive and Peregrine Drive

and 7 in Spryfield

  • Herring Cove Road and Sussex Street
  • 349 Herring Cove Road
  • 565 Herring Cove Road
  • Rockingstone Road and Beachstone Drive
  • Herring Cove Road and Sylvia Avenue
  • Herring Cove Road and Mont Street
  • Herring Cove Road and Oceanbreeze Avenue, Herring Cove 

and 6 in Eastern Passage / Cow Bay

  • 1488 Main Road
  • Caldwell Road and Thorncrest Court
  • 81 Cow Bay Road
  • Cow Bay Road and Keyport Avenue
  • Cow Bay Road and Hornes Road
  • Cow Bay Road and Briarwood Drive
and 6 in Waverley / Fall River
  • Rocky Lake Drive and Fraser Drive
  • Rocky Lake Drive and Palmer Road
  • Rocky Lake Drive and Cobequid Road
  • Fall River Road and Richardson Crescent
  • 198 Holland Road
  • 1359 Fall River Road (Gordon R Snow Community Centre)
1 in Hammonds Plains
  • White Hills Run and Sheeba Drive
and 1 in East Preston
  • 1799 Highway 7 at East Preston Day Care

and finally these 9 on provincial roads

  • Hubbards at Shatford Elementary school
  • Hatchet Lake
  • Shad Bay
  • Old Sambro Road and Brunt Road, Harrietsfield
  • 5475 NS Trunk 2, Grandlake
  • Musquodoboit Harbour
  • Sheet Harbour - 3 installations

There are now a total of 218 installed in HRM by The Crosswalk Safety Society of Nova Scotia.

In addition former Councillor Mosher (District 9), in partnership with the Spryfield Downtown Business Commission has installed crosswalk flags at 7 locations.

  • Herring Cove Road and Spry Avenue (Spryfield)
  • Herring Cove Road and Glenora Avenue (Halifax)
  • 230 Cowie Hill Road (Halifax)
  • Herring Cove Road and Purcell's Cove Road (Halifax)
  • Herring Cove Road and Brighton Avenue (Halifax)
  • Purcell's Cove Road and Herring Cove Road (Halifax), and
  • Connaught Avenue and Liverpool Street (Halifax)

and former Councillor Johns (District 14) has installed crosswalk flags at 2 locations.

  • Sackville Drive and Fenerty Road
  • Beaverbank Road and Pinehaven Drive

This brings the total in Halifax to 228.

Another 28 communities in Nova Scotia have installed a total of 131 sets of crosswalk flags.


                                                   228       HRM

                                                     14       Antigonish

                                                     12       Westville

                                                                     Drummond Road and Queen Street

                                                                                            Cowan Street and Mackay Street

                                                                                            Main Street at Court Street

                                                                                            Main Street at Acadia Park

                                                                                            Main Street at Church Street

                                                                                            Main Street at the Post Office

                                                                                            Main Street at Hoyt Street

                                                                                            Main Street at College Street

                                                                                            Main Street at McDonalds Lane

                                                                                            Main Street at Diamond Street

                                                                                            Main Street at Cowan Street

                                                                                            Main Street at Duff Street

                                                     10       Lunenburg

                                                                                            Dufferin Street and Lincoln Street

                                                                                            Falkland Street and Victoria Road (2 crosswalks)

                                                                                            Victoria Road and Green Street

                                                                                            Victoria Road and Hall Street

                                                                                            180 Victoria Road

                                                                                             Falkland Street and Broad Street

                                                                                             Victoria Road and Brook Street

                                                                                             Lincoln Street and Lower Street

                                                                                             Lincoln Street at Starr Street

                                                                         9       Shelburne

                                                       8       CBRM - Glace Bay

                                                                             Main Street and MacKeen Street

                                                                                             Brookside Street and South Street 

                                                                CBRM - Coxheath

                                                                                                                            Coxheath Road and Deerfield Drive

                                                                CBRM - Sydney River

                                                                                                                             Kings Road and Riverside Drive

                                                                CBRM - Westmount

                                                                                                                              Murphy Road and Westmount Road

                                                       7       Port Williams

                                                       7       Stewiacke

                                                       6       Bridgewater

                                                                     High Street and Ann Street

                                                                                            King Street and School Street

                                                                                            Dominion Street and Hillcrest Street

                                                                                            Dominion Street and York Street

                                                                                            Empire Street and York Street

                                                                                            655 King Street

                                                                         6      Greenwood

                                                                    Bridge Street at Bowlby Park Drive

                                                                                           Central Avenue at Whittington Drive

                                                                                           Central Avenue at Planes View Drive

                                                                                           Central Avenue at Sixth Crescent

                                                                                           Tremont Mountain Road at Rivercrest Lane

                                                                                           Tremont Mountain Road at Terra Nova Drive

                                                       6        Middleton

                                                                                              Marshall Street and Commercial Street

                                                                                              King Street and Main Street

                                                                                              King Street and Queen Street

                                                                                              Main Street and Taylor Drive

                                                                                              Main Street and Duke Street

                                                                                              Main Street and Bridge Street

                                                                 6       Windsor

                                                                       King Street and Albert Street

                                                                                              King Street, Stannus Street and Evangeline Trail

                                                                                              O'Brien Street and Tremaine Crescent

                                                                                              Payzant Drive

                                                                         4       Hantsport

                                                       4       Aylesford

                                                       4       Annapolis Royal

                                                       4       Wolfville

                                                                      Maple Avenue and Main Street

                                                                                             Gaspereau Avenue and Pleasant Street

                                                                                             Highland Avenue and Skyway Drive

                                                                                             Main Street and Chestnut Avenue

                                                       3       Digby

                                                                      Warwick Street and Montague Row

                                                                                             Victoria Street and Mount Street

                                                                                             Church Street and Water Street

                                                       4       Bridgetown

                                                                                             Granville Street (Highway 1) and Queen Street

                                                                                             Granville Street (Highway 1) and Jeffrey Street

                                                                                             Granville Street (Highway 1) and Chipman Avenue

                                                       3       Mahone Bay

                                                       3       Amherst

                                                                      Church Street at Centennial Villa to Pharmasave

                                                                                             Church Street at Amherst Stadium and 

                                                                                             Willow Street at E.B. Chandler Junior High

                                                       2       Kentville

                                                                             Aberdeen Street and Main Street

                                                                                             Cornwallis Street and Exhibition Street 

                                                       2       Chester                                                 

                                                       2       New Germany

                                                                      5257 Highway 10 at 2 Papa's Restaurant

                                                                         1       St. Peter's

                                                       1       Hubbards

                                                       1       Berwick

                                                       1       Kingston

                                                       1       Municipality of Antigonish County

                                                       1       New Ross

                                                 359       Total in Nova Scotia

        Other crosswalk flag locations outside Nova Scotia

                                                     12        Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

                                                       9        Stratford, Prince Edward Island

                                                       9        Coquitlam, British Columbia

                                                       6        Cochrane, Alberta

                                                       4        Kensington, Prince Edward Island

                                                       3        Summerside, Prince Edward Island

                                                       2        Community of Miscouche, PEI

                                                       1        Collingwood, Ontario

                                                       1        Petitcodiac, New Brunswick

                                                       1        Grandbay-Westfield, New Brunswick

                                                       1        Souris, Prince Edward Island

                                                       1        Calgary (Crescent Heights), Alberta

                                                    50       Total

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